Classic Christianity

Posted on Mar 5, 2017 in Message Series

Listen to the message series on disciplines of the Christian life.

  • Week 1 – An introduction team-taught by both Pastor Evan and Pastor Dale.
  • Week 2 – Pastor Evan discusses the discipline of study. What is Study? How does it open the door to freedom and growth in Christ? What are some practical ways to begin practicing the discipline?
  • Week 3 – Pastor Dale shares about the purpose of prayer and how we identify and push through barriers to a vibrant prayer life.
  • Week 4 – Pastor Dale shares how fasting unlocks the power of God in our prayers and opens the door to spiritual breakthrough. Although present throughout Scripture, fasting fell out of favor with the church around the time of the industrial revolution. However, the Church is beginning to once again embrace this classic Biblical discipline. Take time to listen and learn about these benefits and practical ways to begin practicing this discipline.
  • Week 5 – Jesus regularly took time to be alone with the Father. We too need time to “Be still and know” that He is God. Listen as Pastor Evan shares about the importance of Solitude in our lives.Then, put into practice some of the practical steps to begin making Solitude part of your walk.
  • Week 6 – What is the difference between true service and self-service? Listen as Pastor Evan describes the difference and explains from the life of Christ how the discipline of Service is inseparable from the Christian life. Then, look for ways to practice daily the steps mentioned to grow in this discipline.