Bible Reading Plan

All of the Christian disciplines find thier root and genesis in Scripture. Without the guidance, insight and correction of Scripture, our religious practices will become self-centered and self-justified. They will lead us astray and prove pointless in the end. But studying Scripture is itself an exercise in humility. We don’t study the Bible – it studies us. When we try to make Scripture conform to our wants, desires and beliefs, we miss the point and we miss out on the life – the Immanuel that it releases in us. When we study Scripture we aim to be reformed by the very Spirit and Word of God. That is why we read, and that is why we read in community – for God is not content to reform individuals, He intends to reform entire peoples.

To that end, the Pathways’ community has committed to reading through the entire Bible in one year. We invite you to join in the readings and the conversations. So that you can join us at any point in the schedule, the monthly readings are posted below.

The links below provide the daily reading requirements broken down by month.

Daily Readings – July, Month 1

Daily Readings – August, Month 2

Daily Readings – September, Month 3

Daily Readings – October

November Bible Readings

Pathways’ Bible Challenge December Readings

January Bible Readings

February Bible Readings

March Bible Readings

April Bible Readings

May Bible Readings

June Bible Readings